Why Sweden?

Sweden has a skill and labour shortage

Do you know there is free assistance available to help you move to many regions in Sweden? Are you aware that Swedish industry and public services have a skill and labour shortage and are desperate to employ people with the right qualifications and experience?

After reading the Move to Sweden book series, you will be able to find the top 50 areas that are actively recruiting newcomers to live in their communities today.

You will also find out how to locate the regions that need your particular skills and how to contact the right companies, organisations, people, and government departments to find a job and begin work in Sweden.

You will also find out how to—

  • Validate your existing qualifications to help you secure work in Sweden.
  • Navigate the Swedish schooling, health, and tax systems.
  • Find information and websites for all others aspects of life in Sweden such as pensions, VISA’s, banking, insurance, buying vehicles, TV and the internet, and much more.
  • Locate the best value property to buy or rent.
  • Buy from the best value suppliers for everything you will need for your new life in Sweden.

Read the book series and let us help you find work and begin your move to a new life in Sweden.