Move to Sweden

Are you ready to start work and make your move to Sweden?

Sweden is one of the most welcoming EU countries and Swedes enjoy a quality of life and a social structure that is the envy of the world. Sweden also has a reputation for being one of the most tolerant and progressive countries in the world—and Sweden needs immigrant workers. A recent survey by the Fores think tank found that without immigrant workers, 220 of the 290 Swedish municipalities would currently have declining populations.

We are John and Maria James and we moved to Sweden 15 years ago. We work with a group of people who have moved to Sweden from both inside and outside the European Union. Between us we have encountered most of the issues and challenges that you will face when trying to find work and begin your new life in Sweden, whether you are an EU citizen, or a non-EU citizen. We are all based in Sweden and work closely with many municipalities throughout the country. We understand that for most people, finding work is the key to moving to Sweden.

Let us help you find work and begin your move to a new life in Sweden.