How We Can Help You

Are you ready to start your new life in Sweden?

Why do so many people talk about moving abroad to start a new life yet so few take action to make it happen? Maybe it’s because they don’t believe they have what it takes to succeed in another country. Well, we’re here to tell you moving abroad to start a new life in Sweden isn’t a fantasy. We did it. Thousands of other ordinary people have done it. And you can do it too.

We moved to Sweden 15 years ago, and we’ve spent most of our time here helping many many others do the same. Our work has given us a unique insight into the problems people struggle with most, and we’ve put everything we’ve learnt into a structured, manageable form to save you precious time, effort, and frustration—as well as avoid all the mistakes we and many others have made before you.

The Move to Sweden book series will help you cut to the reality of life in one of Europe's most progressive countries and will show you how to become a part of it whether you live inside or outside of the EU. We’ve designed the series to help you start a successful new life in Sweden, with the emphasis very much on—successful.

How our book series will help you

The Move to Sweden book series will help you find work and somewhere to live in Sweden. They will help with your integration into Swedish society and support you throughout the whole job-seeking and immigration process. We have helped people from all walks of life and from all around the world begin a new life in one of the happiest countries on the planet*—Sweden.

You will find help to;

  • Find work in Sweden.
  • Find the areas in Sweden that need your skills.
  • Start a new business in Sweden.
  • Relocate your existing business to Sweden.
  • Navigate the Swedish governmental departments.
  • Find a house or apartment in Sweden.
  • Obtain residency if you live outside of the EU.
  • Place your children in school or daycare.

*According to OECD statistics.