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The first step

Building a new career and a new life in Sweden starts with you. Making any progress in life or realising any dream begins with the first step. We help you find the information you need to take that first step towards a new life in Sweden.

The method

There is a lot of information available via governmental departments, companies and recruitment operations in Sweden. For non-Swedes, these are not always easy to find. We help you by collecting the information you need, translating it to English and making it easily available for you to understand.

The process

There is a shortage of many professions in Sweden and all regions of Sweden have their own specific needs regarding workers. We help you by identifying which regions and Municipalities in Sweden need your skills. We help you target your efforts to find work in Sweden and we find the information you need that is difficult for you to find on your own.

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Work in Sweden can provide you with access to information that will help you find work in Sweden. You could receive regular updates on jobs that are available and you would be able to contact us for further personal help.