Move to Sweden Books Series

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Move to Sweden Book 1

Why Sweden?

Book 1 in the series is written to help you decide if Sweden will be a good fit for you. What we and others think is great about life in Sweden, and everything we feel you as a newcomer will appreciate. We cover all the basics in Book 1 so you can compare what Sweden has to offer you and decide whether Sweden should be high on your list of countries to emigrate to.

Move to Sweden Book 2

Finding Work

Book 2 in the series will guide you to the jobs and professions that Sweden needs to recruit workers to, and which jobs and professions are on the labour shortage lists. We also explore where to look for advertised jobs and how to find work in Sweden, together with help on how to apply for jobs or start your own business.

Move to Sweden Book 3


Book 3 in the series will guide you to the regions in Sweden that are actively recruiting newcomers to settle into their municipalities. We also list the basics of life and the practicalities—banking, shopping, learning Swedish, taxes and pensions, obtaining the all important Swedish social security number and much more.

Move to Sweden Book 4

Finding a home

Book 4 in the series will help you find your new home. You will find help whether you plan to buy straight away, rent until you decide where to buy, or prefer to rent long term as many in Sweden do today.

The Move to Sweden box set

The complete Move to Sweden series in one box set. The set includes Book 5, Fitting In, for free. Book 5 will help you fit in with your new community. You will learn how to find and join local associations, sports clubs and interest groups. We explain how to meet Swedes and other expats and how to create a full social life. Available at the end of 2018.